Oh! Evolution by Rich Good

Sarah Bethe Nelson's second record outdoes the first with a darker energy that drags you on to the dance floor only to switch off the lights. I wanted to reflect the music as soon as i heard it and Justin Frahm's cover photo perfectly cued me to capturing the feel. Buy the record cause its undeniably great, read the lyrics while playing it cause they're nicely laid out... 

NCFF 2016 by Rich Good

We love working the Nevada City Film Festival. The creative subject matter, the beautiful environment and the fantastic team make for a rewarding experience every time we set about the annual rebrand. This year was no exception and we had a blast face-timing with Steve Carrell, experiencing Virtual Reality for the first time and, of course, attending those after parties at the festival itself! Special thanks to Jesse Locks and Jeff Clark for the ongoing support. More here

My Jerusalem by Rich Good


Jeff Klein called me in a panic one gray afternoon when they were a week from press deadlines for his new record. I was due to write and record a bunch of new material for Mirrors that week but there was an urgency with this project that couldn't be denied. So here we go; Vinyl, CD and all digital packaging inside one week from concept to completion. Thankfully Jeff had snapped a shot of his be-stamped hand at a gig a few nights before and he was pretty set on it being the star of the show; to hell with print-resolution, its punk ;) I also had the pick of dozens of awesome Steve Gullick shots to fill out the piece - an honour to work with such a revered photographer from the homeland. I'm proud to be part of this record (i contributed a little guitar too) as its possibly the bands finest work and i think we captured the right mood with the visual. And my own songs will finally get recorded soon - then i'm going to have Jeff do my cover... 

Quasi Bonsai: Three records in three months... by Rich Good

Steve Wyreman and Nate Mercereau don't mess around when it comes to releasing incredible new music. Their LA/SF project, Quasi Bonsai, just dropped its ethereal album "Opiate Ambient" today - the third in as many months. So often music gets sanitized as you refine, mix, re-arrange, mix again, wait for the label and on and on... What makes Quasi so great is that, unencumbered by labels or release dates, they capture the spark and distill it immediately. The cover designs follow suite - i listen to the music (always a pleasure), have a quick chat with Steve and then the cover art reveals itself. More fun than most.

Most importantly - listen here. 

Scalavate by Rich Good

Some nice new cards for my friend Tracy's new adventure in the culinary development world. We'll be expanding this little brand to include website and collateral in the next few months. Yum!

Desertiion by Rich Good

We moved the office to the Mojave desert. The middle of nowhere, the end of the earth, the back of beyond, etc... We're documenting this transition from city to desert and the design projects it has inspired here.

Our tribute in the middle of the Mojave mars-scape.